These are some swell bands I play music with:

Gregory Alan Isakov – www.gregoryalanisakov.com
*the paper stars* – www.thepaperstars.com
Paul Kimbiris – www.paulkimbiris.com
Bella Duro –

These are some other bands that I really like:

Elephant Revival – www.elephantrevival.com
The Centennial – www.thecentennial.net
Nathaniel Rateliff – www.nathanielrateliff.comĀ 




All The Fire Skies

All the points that I’m burning to say
All your bones seem to know, seem so far and away
There is a lie…
There is a lie…

Oh I suppose there’s a cause for the days
And you know all the words that’ll make up the way
But it isn’t mine…
They aren’t mine…

All the beaches and the bones that you make
All the fire skies alone in the bay
I’ll be turning in
All that water is
You turn another day
And all these things just go away

The Highway Sound

You roll the waves pushing me against the grain
And through a win your efforts always end the same

Take a part of you for me
You knew this would be

All the days are seeming to irradiate
You ask the sun cause he’s talking as a chosen one

Mix a part of you with me
In your skin on a beach

All the ground you’re rolling over
Now that you feel a little older
Now that you think you’ve found the end

All of the things you should’ve said
All the things imagined in your head
Living out the days in a mystery

Run me aground to the other side
So I can leave the highway sound behind
We can breath in all the seasons on the shore

All of the things you could’ve been
All the things you think you should have bled
Are being reasons like they never have before

This Lover’s Road

Hold my hand over your brow, the fever is freeing
Arms and knees quicken in doubt
And the others are bailing over

Take my hand over my eyes
Make my home in the night
Hold my breath turn me around
Gonna bring you back to now

Undress me, begin in the ground
The needles are breathing up my best
Under the sounds, the sounds of you sailing over

My own, I know
Watch you lean into me
Know my bones oversee
And you can fall into me
And our home will be known
And we can swing in the trees
So hold on my love and we can fly in the breeze

I stand a road that carries a brand new me to me
I drive on a highway built for speed
Through the sand with the grassy knees
I know what it is I need to be
She’s standing next to me
This lover’s road deliver me
To my home

Under The Ante

My setting suns are waiting for me
But I’m under the ante
I saw walls all walls crumble in defeat
And all that you asked of me

Out on the sidewalk in the city that grows me
I never knew her face she said that she knows me

I long to sing you in a different song

I found another way, it only feeds what we need
We spend all the days in all the ways that we please
You’re holding everything, I’m only holding my fee